March 2011

Why Do Good People Suffer?

Why do good people, and even Christians, so often suffer? Much suffering is due to sin. Other kinds of difficulties, which can even afflict the redeemed, arise from four factors:

(1) The Operation of Natural Law.
Step on a banana peel and you may slip. Slide off the roof of a house and gravity will pull you to the ground, possibly breaking your leg. Auto tires skid on wet pavement, perhaps causing deadly accidents. Diseased germs invade human cells, causing sickness.

Before I Go, Let Me Say

Note: This article ran in the July 1989 issue of the Herald of Holiness, the predecessor of Holiness Today. The message is timely, and captures WMG's heart for the Church of the Nazarene.

Editor Wesley Tracy has invited me to write 'a sort of general superintendent's valedictory' for this first monthly issue of the Herald of Holiness. Several deep convictions have indeed crystallized in my mind and heart over the course of the years, and I will share some of these. But, first, I want to say thank you to the church.

Near and Far

My first glimpses of the majestic Rocky Mountains in Colorado nearly took my breath away. Pointing to a peak, I exclaimed, 'That's the highest one!'

'No, it's third highest,' a woman said, and she went on to explain that the way we see things is a matter of perspective and depends on where we're standing at the moment.