July 2016

Intimacy: A Better Story

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The dreaded “sex talk.” I think this is a right of passage for every person who dares to embark on the journey of parenting. It wasn’t long ago that my wife and I entered into this awkward exchange of adult realities matched with our child’s innocent view of the world. Determined to beat his school to the punch, we pulled together our best material, which mostly emphasized body parts and how they worked together to make a baby. Though awkward and filled with many moments of silence, my wife and I felt like we had done a decent job.

Q&A: Catechism

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Q: I hear our pastor talking about beginning a catechism class. What is catechism anyway? Isn’t it for Catholics? I thought we were more interested as a denomination in getting people sanctified, not just memorizing cold facts about religion. ?

Q&A: General Assembly

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How important is it for the global church family to gather, such as at a general assembly? Is it worth the expense?

Kitty Voges: It’s priceless. My first general assembly experience was an eye-opener on the church. You don’t realize, until you attend, how people come from all over the globe.

Loreal Higgins: It’s always good to know that you’re part of a bigger family, a greater body, and to see the diversity. At a general assembly you get to experience it, and that’s what’s amazing.


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I have the uttermost respect for farmers. I am privileged to have some great farmer friends in North Dakota and they are among the most incredible people I know. The dedication and love they put into what they do, their outstanding work ethics, and their ability to fix machinery as big as a two-story house cause me to feel deep admiration for them.