October 2017

Shaping the Next Generation

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On one of my first trips to the Asia-Pacific Region, I had the opportunity to preach in chapel at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary. I also preached at Philippine Theological College in Baguio, Philippines, and the Nazarene Bible School in Northern Myanmar. I met passionate and talented young adults preparing to be pastors in the Church of the Nazarene. I also realized the tremendous need for professors, pastors, district superintendents, and laity to mentor this next generation of leaders.

A Growing Affinity

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From its inception, the church of Jesus Christ has been called to go “into all the world.” As the earliest disciples learned, the Matthew 28 Great Commission did more than expand the geographical presence of the church. It also communicated a call to expand the cultural and linguistic dimensions of the Kingdom of God.

Examining the Disconnect

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Rebecca Jones (RJ1), Robbie Cansler (RC), Melissa Brussa (MB), Rachel James (RJ2), and Sarah Riley (SR) join in the conversation. 

HT: What does it mean to be a woman clergy member today?

RC: A sense of “otherness” exists because it seems as though colleagues are unsure of ways that we should relate with one another.